As a rule, government agencies and large companies store data on their servers, as this is justified by security considerations and meets internal requirements for speed and performance. But for most other companies, cloud-based and on-premises solutions are the best choice.

The Most Important to Distinguish in the Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based infrastructure is a complex of IT resources that gives you complete freedom in creating any IT landscapes: virtual machines, virtual disks, and networks combined into an IT infrastructure within a virtual data center. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service (or Virtual Data Center) for corporate clients, built on the platform of cloud-based services – a leader in the field of virtualization and cloud technologies.

Among the main advantages of cloud-based services are:

  2. THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF INFORMATION SECURITY. High level of information security management in the cloud, confirmed by certificates.
  3. TRANSPARENT RATES. Tariffs for cloud infrastructure, cloud-based services, and software licenses in the public domain.
  4. OPTIMIZED IT INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS. Instead of capital expenditures for the purchase and updating of physical IT equipment – planned operating costs.
  5. PROTECTION AGAINST FINANCIAL INSTABILITY. Payment without reference to the exchange rate. Pay for services in any way convenient for you.

The endless technological possibilities of the cloud-based platform open up to your business: hosting and data processing in 100 secure data centers in more than 60 regions of the world. The machines themselves can physically be in different places – this does not affect the convenience of users, since the client has access to one virtual server where the necessary information is stored. That is, the user does not see the entire server structure, and he does not need it, because the download and use are carried out through a special site or program.

The Main Advantages of the VDR Services Over Cloud-Based Solutions

The question of cloud computing and on-premises solutions is no longer as acute as it used to be. This may seem like a bold statement to experts who are used to thinking of the cloud and the indoor environment as two different universes. Let’s go over the pros and cons of cloud vs local storage so you know exactly what to choose when it comes time to make a decision.

Small, medium and large businesses are moving to cloud storage solutions because they can generally be considered optimal in several criteria, but there are also extreme cases where they are not ideal. The VDR is a fixed portion of the resources of one physical server. On the contrary, the cloud is built on the basis of several dedicated servers, and the configuration can be changed at any time.

The main advantages of the virtual data room services over cloud-based solutions are:

  • Increased power.

Use the technology and computing power of virtual data room services for ultra-fast development and flexible administration of business applications.

  • Protection against threats.

VDR has all the necessary tools to prevent and protect against threats, which are confirmed by the appropriate certificates in the field of data protection and security.

  • Security of your data.

VDR’s built-in management and services help you quickly and efficiently protect customer data, networks, infrastructure, and enterprise applications. The functionality of the data room provides ongoing protection and provides detailed analytics to eliminate threats in the early stages, including DDoS attacks.